divendres, 25 de novembre de 2011


Reckless Racing is an exciting game where we escape from the police of destroying as much as possible. The advantage and that makes it more attractive to Reckless Racing with the other games in its class is the possibility of multiplayer.

Price: 2.19 € - Lite version

dimecres, 23 de novembre de 2011

For racing enthusiasts today I bring you a very good game to hang. Drag Racing in a short time has become one of the most downloaded free games. It is very easy to play: accelerate, shift gears and put the nitro. Your On-line mode is best in the game.

Price: Free


dilluns, 21 de novembre de 2011


Soon comes the day of Thanksgiving and celebrate with a Turkey Blast! An exciting game where you have to aim and shoot moving mobile.

Price: Free

dissabte, 19 de novembre de 2011


Simple but fun. Yoo is a Ninja Plus supper fast and addictive game. It lead you enter a fantastic world without the control by the gravity. As a Ninja You Need jump up and down to get Through Different Barriers. Forward running is the only way to keep your life.

dimecres, 9 de novembre de 2011

Defender for Android

Defender is the new strategy game for Android. Is the typical strategy game about killing enemies who want to destroy your castle. As you level up, you will unlock new abilities and new items.

Price: Free

dimarts, 8 de novembre de 2011


Finally came smurfs' village for android. Smurfs' village is an entertaining game that was available only in the APP. This game is very similar to Farmville, but lovable Smurfs. Create your family and enjoy hours and hours.

Price: Free

Greedy Spiders

Today I bring to me, one of the best games to think we can find in the Android Market. Greedy Spiders a game where you have to go webbing cut to release the bees. Once you start playing is very difficult to stop.

Price: 0.72 €